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Pregnancy and Birth Support

Congratulations on the new journey you are about to take. It will be an exciting and life transforming one!  It is my desire to help you achieve the type of birth that you are hoping for, by being the helper at your side, supporting you and working alongside any other friends or partners whom you choose to accompany you into the delivery room.

My basic birth doula services include 2 meetings with me prior to delivery (so that we can get to know each other a little and make a birth plan). I am always free to answer any questions you may have at any time via phone or email.  Then, I would either meet you at your home or else at the hospital when you go into active labour. Many times I may arrive before active labour depending on the circumstances. Most often, I will need a half hour to a full hour to arrive on site from the time that you call me. Once I am assisting you, I will remain until the baby is born and I have made sure that you are comfortable and settled afterwards (usually about one to two hours after baby). In the case of a c-section where I am not present in the operating room, I will leave after they wheel you down for the operation. After all deliveries I will see you for a follow-up visit within one to two weeks to check on both you and baby in case you have any further questions and to debrief on the whole delivery process.

The cost for my services are $550 for a 24 hour delivery  period, and $100 for every 24 hour period after that. I require a $50 deposit at the time you book me, and then the remainder of the fee once baby has safely arrived and I am on my way out. For those with limited financial resources, please
contact me.


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