For those who are interested in developing or furthering their skills and interest in photography and editing:


I teach digital editing classes with Omnilargess Services. Check out our F.I.R.E. and I.C.E. workshops that cover everyone from beginner to advanced. We have something for you!

I also teach digital photography classes at the University of the Fraser Valley. An Intro class for beginners (6 hrs) which is geared more towards small compact cameras and those with little or no knowledge with SLR’s, a Digital Basics class (15 hrs) which is another beginner’s class that is very intensive, but designed for those with little or no camera knowledge who have digital SLR cameras (or at least manual capable compact cameras), and finally a Digital Photography class (30 hrs) that is essentially the same as my 15 hour course, but which includes a field trip, some colour theory, and a much slower pace which allows for more practice and interaction.

I am available for one on one or small group coaching sessions. Please inquire with specifics about your needs.




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